Art has always been fun, interesting and a way to express myself. After much thought and consideration, I finally decided on art as my field of choice. When I was young, my parents advised me that when I chose a career I should find something that will make me happy. In society today, so many people hate their career choices and I thought why should I dislike mine, too. Art is such an expansive field that I knew I could find a job that was riveting and enjoyable.

After much research and thought, my final decision was commercial art. I looked into many other forms of art like illustration and photography, but commercial art is what I am drawn too. Commercial art has all the criteria that I am looking for in a profession. I would enjoy a career that is always changing, fascinating and fast paced. I wish to see something and learn something new everyday.

Because of the rapidly changing pace, every day is a new adventure. I would like to share my world of ideas as to why I love the business of graphic design. I wish to show you what I have in my views of layout design and be a part of the creative force. The graphic design industry is growing tremendously and I wish to be a part of its future.

The future of graphic design is forever changing. In the long run, my skills and knowledge will assist my future employers' and enable myself to grow into a well rounded graphic artist. I wish to continue to strive and further my education to be a competitive artist in this thriving business. I feel confident within myself to begin my career as a graphic designer and hope to flourish in my future endeavors.